Friday, February 21, 2020

Bankura Metal Horse Handicraft Rich Art And Craft Jaipur Rajasthan

                                         Bankura Horse
An enameled metallic statue of Horse its true beauty. enameled metal craft amazingly surprise the eloquence workmanship of the artisan. Metal god idols are a brilliant example of metal art as they reveal the hard slog that the craftsmen put in to turn bare metal into a work of art. Details like big Ears crown jewelry clothing are also painted on metal with great effort.

Since metal is costlier and has long life metal artifacts are bound to be a little on the expensive side. Animal in vivid shapes and sizes along with the sharp seated posture prevails of hard work of our craftsmen. Which is why they stand apart for their quality and craftsmanship.;

These artifacts embellished  rich antique piece in your interiors! Beautiful hand paintings make it all the more worthwhile! An ideal decoration piece as well as a perfect gift and a masterpiece in itself !
Size - 1 Inch to 12 Inch

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